*Update On Our New Location!*

Coming Soon!

Over the past few weeks, Radiant Tan has been searching for a new location for our ultra-modern salon to call home. While we planned to open earlier this month, other factors have caused us to choose a different location.

Coming Soon, our official new location will be 8318 Pineville-Matthews Rd in Charlotte, NC, inside the McMullen Creek Market Center. We apologize for any inconvenience, and value all of our loyal clients who have been so patient. We look forward to seeing you all again at our grand opening! Please contact us for more details regarding opening dates and times.

Radiant Tan

Located in Ballantyne

Radiant Tan, located in Charlotte, NC, provides customers with a custom UV & UV free tanning experience. We feature stand-up tanning booths, Mystic spray tan, custom air brushing, a variety of lotions, even a boutique. At Radiant Tan, second to making sure you get a fantastic tan, customer service and a sanitary environment are our highest priorities. We will work with you to customize a package that meets your needs and expectations.

Stand Up Tanning Booths

A 360 Approach to Tanning

At Radiant Tan we feature all stand-up booths. Stand-up tanning booths allow for a faster and more efficient tanning experience. When you step into a vertical tanning booth, you eliminate pressure points that are associated with horizontal tanning beds. An even tan means you look better! You will spend less time inside the tanning booth, which allows you to move on with your daily activities.

Custom Airbrushing

Flawless Application, Precise Coloring, Immediate Results

Airbrush tanning is a fantastic alternative to regular UV tanning. Custom airbrushing allows for you to achieve your ideal skin tone. We will work with you to select the correct color that will complement your current skin tone. Airbrush tanning also does not expose your skin to UV radiation. Custom airbrushing can be done on a regular basis to maintain a consistent custom tan. It can also be done for special occasions including weddings, parties, baby showers, or vacations. Don’t worry, there will be no streaking and no orange coloring!

Mystic Tan

A Spray Tanning Experience

Mystic Tan is an alternative to custom airbrushing and UV tanning. Spray tanning allows you to receive a quick, UV free tan that will be sure to impress. Although Mystic Tan spray tanning is not as customizable, it is ideal for those looking for an affordable and simple tan.

Visit Radiant Tan Today!

Located in Ballantyne, NC

When you stop by Radiant Tan, one of our tanning professionals will consult with you, identify your tanning needs and preferences, and then recommend the correct tanning procedure and package. From stand up UV tanning and custom airbrushing to Mystic Tan; we look forward to meeting your tanning needs! Contact us today for more information!

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The Radiant Tan Boutique

The Radiant Tan Boutique

Radiant Tan offers an affordable boutique, stocked with the latest trends to complement your new tan. Our boutique features a variety of shirts, jackets, dresses, jewelry and purses. You’re sure to find something that meets your style needs.

Complimentary Beauty Bar

Complimentary Beauty Bar

Refresh Before Heading Back to Work!

Radiant Tan offers a complimentary beauty bar to each of our clients. At the beauty bar you will find a variety of items including makeup remover, lotions, body sprays, deodorants, ponytail ties and much more.

Lotions, Bronzers, Self Tanning Lotions, Tan Extenders

Lotions, Bronzers, Self Tanning Lotions, Tan Extenders

We carry a host of lotions, bronzers, tan extenders, and self tanning lotions to make sure you and your skin is protected during and after your tanning session.